An Overview On DVLA And Their Services!
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An overview about DVLA services

Choosing the right alphanumeric combination for your personalised number plate can be a challenging task. After all, you won’t be able to choose direct letter or number combinations to form your name, zodiac sign, favourite football team or occupation. Instead, you have to think out of the box and use a little creativity to come up with a combination that looks and sounds like what you really want.

We’ve compiled some tips below that will assist you in selecting your perfect number plate.

1. Numbers can be letters

To form a pronounceable word, you will probably need to incorporate a couple of numbers in your word. For instance (these are the obvious ones, mind), 1 can be a substitute for the letter I or L, 3 can be used for E, 5 for S, 8 for B, and so forth. The number six is very flexible, as it can be used in place of the letters B, G and C.

Less obvious replacements include 12 for R, 11 for H, 15 for IS and 16 for IG.

2. Phonetics

If you voice out letters and numbers phonetically, you will find that quasi-words can suddenly be pronounced legibly. B (bee), C (see or sea), U (you) and Y (why) are all very apparent, just like 2 (two or too), 4 (for or four) and 8 (ate or hate).

The use of phonetics can be expanded to a combination of two or more letters like MA (Emma), KT (Katie), 4 TEE (forty), and 6 TEE (sixty).

By using the two tips above, you will be able to construct longer words such as M155 (miss), K155 (kiss), BO55 (boss), J3 NNY (Jenny), J4 MES (James), SH12 Ley (Shirley), D321 DRE (Deidre), GO11 FER (golfer), D12 BEN (Dr Ben), BO12 I5 (Boris) and many more.

3. Fillers

Sometimes, you don’t need 7 characters to form the specific word you want. So what do you do then? Use filler letters and numbers to fill out the quota. The letter X is superb for this role. It can be used at the start and end of words (e.g., XMAR 14X/Maria) and doubled up to signify kisses (e.g., L33 XXX/ LEE kisses). The letter I is also great for this framing function.

Have we got your creative juices flowing yet? Have you thought of some ideas yet? Whatever you come up with, run them over with your children or teenagers in your family – if they can’t decipher your word, then it’s no good. Good luck!